We believe that when it comes to saving lives, every second counts, we are specialized in bringing innovative health record management, Personal Emergency Information solutions and make them available to individuals, enterprise, private and government sectors.

Personal Emergency Information!

If you're severely injured in an accident, stricken by an allergic reaction, or impaired by a stroke, heart attack or seizure, how can you possibly relay important medical information to first responders?

Have you ever wished you could avoid carrying stacks of health records and lists of prescriptions with you to your doctor's office, only to have to copy that information by hand onto form after form?


NFC MEDIC RECORD can be created using our website or our mobile application which would include all Personal Emergency Information. The record will contain the same info as a hospital admission form (Personal info, insurance info, Doctor’s info, emergency contacts, health info, allergy info, and any other info that could save your life in case of an emergency)


NFC MEDIC TAG is an NFC chip that holds medical records which could be made available for first responders, or doctors. NFC MEDIC TAG could come in different forms like Keychain, smart Card, bracelet, and more... With one touch to an NFC reader device the medical record will be transferred and made available

There are many use cases for this product including people with heart problems, diabetes, and food or medicine allergies, Also nurseries, insurance companies, hospitals, refugee camps, and tourism sector


Our application is designed to do the following:

  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google account, and or create a new account
  • Manage NFC MEDIC records
  • Write into NFC MEDIC TAGs
  • Send an SOS message

How does the App work?

Enabling the smartphone to send an SOS message while locked (even if it's not NFC ENABLED smartphone)

  1. After creating at least one NFC MEDIC record, login to the mobile APP, and then select the primary profile.
  2. You will notice a flashing notification icon on device's home screen even if it was locked, to identify that the smartphone is NFC MEDIC enabled.
  3. when device is locked press the power key three times, and the primary profile will come up which will allow to send an SOS message out (SMS message to the saved SOS numbers within the APP options, which will include a link to the medical profile and another link to the GPS location).
  4. You can also send the SOS message by clicking on thy NFC MEDIC record and then press SOS


Writing an NFC MEDIC profile into an NFC MEDIC TAG:

  1. NFC enabled Smartphone to write profile into the NFC MEDIC Tag, press and hold on the record, chose write into NFC MEDIC TAG then place the TAG at the back of your smartphone.
  2. The Medical record now is saved into the NFC MEDIC TAG, and will be with the user at all times.
  3. In any emergency situation or a regular visit to a doctor, the NFC MEDIC TAG can be activated (by tapping it against an NFC reader) to extract all medical information.
  4. The medical record now available on the smart phone and can be sent immediately to the hospital or can be reviewed by first responders.